Tarkett Safety floorings are a new high performance alternative to traditional safety floors with extra slip-resistance for greater safety. They are an ideal solution for any area that presents a risk of slips or falls in sectors such as retail, leisure, industry and commerce. The Tarkett Safety collection offers six heavy duty ranges with R10 slip resistance: Granit Safe.T and the Safetred range: Dimension, Spectrum, Universal and the Safetred Design Collection Wood, Naturals and Ceramic. Unique on the market, Safetred Spectrum tiles combine anti-slip properties and the convenience of tiles. They offer safety plus ease of transport and installation, plus minimal wastage. Safetred Transport has been designed to meet the need in the bus and coach market for a solution that combines safety with durability. Tarkett Safety products all have a Safety Clean PUR reinforcement. The result is a durable, easy to clean surface with lower maintenance costs and reduced environmental impact.

Below are samples of flooring that can be supplied and fitted.